Tooooooo Cute

I don't even like horses but this is really cute:

I am inviting all FB friends to share and post their cutest pictures. This little ballerina’s affection demonstrated as she kisses this lovely horse makes me happy. Cute always does.

I have a close friend who shared with me how one of her relatives told her that life is full of many hills and valleys ( – translated ups and downs -which comes as no surprise to anyone). She said to help with this, she was advised to surround herself with beautiful things. It has made me pursue surrounding myself with beautiful things and things that I find make me happy- like the photo above to help with the never-ending ups and downs of life.

I don’t think it takes a great deal of money to follow my friend’s admonition. I think taking a walk in a favorite park or sitting by a pond with ducks floating on it or being around good friends, talking and laughing, are things that are beautiful to surround oneself with. I have taken comfort in all these things as well as I find many photos while cruising the web- like the one above as well as the ones below-

579 Likes, 7 Comments - Shazir "shizzy" Haque (@shizzyswildcatrescue) on Instagram: “Repost @wonderousnature ・・・ This will always be my favorite baby rhino photo I just cannot…”

Who couldn’t love a baby rhino with a budding horn? This makes me marvel at the world and all the beautiful creatures in it as well as wanting to grab that little thing and just squeeze it.


…Or these lovely platy babies. The only mammals that lay eggs to hatch these gorgeous little ones. More remarkable creation.


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… And flowers ALWAYS make me happy. They are B-E-A utiful beyond my words. I may not be able to afford extravagant bouquets like this one, but…..

thelordismylightandmysalvation: “ beauty-rendezvous: “ White Daisies ” ” Love. More

I can find these happy daisy flowers and many wild flowers scattered over my property and the fields in parks that I can take home to a vase on my table. These are more beauty to surround myself with and lift my spirits.

….And something else that makes me happy is to see a little boy praying and smiling even though he does not seem to have many luxuries in life.  He has learned the most important thing. He reminds me what is treasured and beneficial and he helps me count my blessings and my ‘haves’ and …


….not my ‘have-nots.’  He reminds me to pray about everything- and that surrounds me with beautiful things and that makes me happy.

Please add your cutest photo.


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