June’s Cat

I have always been amazed at how and when friends come into our lives. I met June when I needed a stall quickly for one of my horses. In my emergency situation, I called a friend who managed one of the barns at a fairgrounds with seven boarding barns. I had not seen him in many years, but he was happy to help. After moving my horse to the fairgrounds, I met June and we became friends. She managed another barn at the fairgrounds.

June loved horses the way I did and owned two Arabian horses. Typically, horse ownership is reserved for those with sizable incomes- should we say. June had a small income from house cleaning jobs she took on, but she didn’t let that limit her. Since she managed the barn, she received money from boarders which paid for the care of the boarded horses and the extra covered her expenses. She came every day to feed and care for all the horses in her barn and ride her horses. Not only did she have 2 horses, she lived in a home with her family close the fairgrounds so she could walk to the barn each day. She did not have extravagant things (except 2 horses), but she had all she needed. Looking at her life made me give credit to what I consider Divine orchestration of events in life that appear to be possible for no other reason than that God stepped in and made a way for an essentially poor woman to be cared for and live like a queen – and owning pets such as horses, dogs and cats.

June helped me with things I was not so great at- like cooking. One time I asked her to put together a meatloaf and tell me how long to bake it in the oven. She in turn asked me for help with her veterinary needs. She had many barn cats and sometimes they had kittens. We were all aware of a dog in the neighborhood who did not like kittens and we had to protect them from this particular dog. A mother cat June owned had two kittens, but no one could find them. Thinking they had met the terrible neighborhood dog, June asked me to spay the cat. I took her to my clinic and spayed her and she spent the night with me. When I returned her to June, June told me the mama cat disappeared and in a few minutes, she reappeared with two beautiful little kittens she had hidden for safety. June was convinced the mother cat brought her the kittens to take care of because she knew was no longer able to. We are continually amazed at how the animals communicate with us and trust us. They even trust us with their precious little ones.

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