A 2 Z Press

About Us- We are a small publishing house with a big vision. We are committed to all authors, but also to authors who have been rejected by other publishing houses. If you have the dream of seeing your work in print and have passion, creativity, desire, and style, please submit your idea to us at A 2 Z Press LLC

We are seeking non-fiction related to animals, medicine, education and all other related topics as well as children’s books, craft books, cook books, any ‘how to’ books, music, art, faith based books, self help books, animal fiction and any creative project you would like to send for consideration. We also welcome any incredible stories you would like to tell. Please submit only  G-rated material.

Submission Guidelines- Submit a query to bestlittleonlinebookstore@gmail.com.
Be prepared to submit an outline, possibly sample chapters, or entire manuscripts upon request. Please allow 1-2 months for a response.

Information – We accept fiction and non – fiction, however, only G-rated material will be considered. We welcome children’s books, music books, book series, non-fiction on many topics as well as educational books and any topic of interest.

A 2 Z Press will assist in the publishing process and may give authors suggestions on how to market and promote their material.

Contact Us – A2ZPress.com or bestlittleonlinebookstore@gmail.com
PO Box 582
Deleon Springs, FL 32130