Prayer Changes Me

I know it’s true that ‘prayer changes things’ and I believe God’s Word – ‘The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much!’ James 5.16. But lately, I have come to realize that prayer changes me too.

This week is about prayer and faith – based themes.

I know a lot happens when we pray. So, I do. I pray for friends and people I see along the way I think are having a tough time but most of my prayers are for my family. One very special part of the Bible that touches me deeply when I think of my family is Exodus 28.12 – ‘And you shall put the two stones upon the [two] shoulder straps of the ephod [of the high priest] as memorial stones for Israel; and Aaron shall bear their names upon his two shoulders as a memorial before the Lord.’

Sometimes the Bible is confusing to me, but one day in prayer, the Lord brought these words to my heart and I heard that still small voice say, ‘you bear the names of your family as a memorial before Me when you come to Me in prayer, just like the priests of old brought Israel to Me.’ God has blessed me with a sincere love for the ones He chose to be my family and I cherish the privilege of bringing their names to God on a regular basis for all reasons.

Prayer makes me request an audience with the King – the Only One Who can help in so many moments of life. It’s true, when I pray, I am praying for a miracle because if I could do the thing I need done myself, I would have no need to pray. But, those moments come. I am blessed to see Him as my All in All, the One is Who is bigger than all I face. Situations are too much for me, but never a surprise to Him or too much for Him. When I pray I grow in faith and see Him as the Daddy that can do anything. I see Him as loving and kind and I change. I go from being someone scared and lonely to knowing the God of the Universe is listening and not only listening, wants to talk to me and wants to answer my prayers. And I am changed.

This week, I want to share our titles, ‘Lighting Candles 1 2 and 3, The 23rd Psalm, Love Letter From God, and Divine Designs.’

Lighting Candles 1 2 and 3 are 3 30 -day devotional books that are Christian themed and relate the topics of prayer, mercy, forgiveness, a closer relationship with God, and more. There are 2 bonus days in each book and a small section after the short reading to allow the reader to reflect on their own thoughts and experiences.  The day reads are though provoking and help one understand their own needs and walk with God.

 The 23rd Psalm is a small but precious book with the words and thoughts from the author’s treasured 23rd Psalm. The Lord is our Shepherd, we will not lack… and more.

Love Letter From God – is a small book to share with others who struggle with how they feel God sees them. It is written in a personal way to show that God is always with each of us and knows every detail about us.

Divine Designs – is a charming little children’s picture book about angels on the design floor of heaven and some of the angels are designing the unique and stunning creatures that are here with us – the turtle, the giraffe, the rhinoceros, the manatee, whales, bees, hummingbirds, and more! Told in a cute and entertaining way, the book shows the young reader how the unique animals are not what we would expect here on Earth, but they are here and their existence as well as our own shouts the glory of the Living God, the Creator of the Universe and all these creatures that are not here by chance!! Take a look!

A 2 Z Press celebrates creativity and encourages all who are searching for a new and interesting faith-based book to enjoy this summer to take a look at ‘Lighting Candles 1 2 and 3, The 23rd Psalm, Love Letter From God, and Divine Designs.’

These are great books for family reading time as well as non-denominational stories easy to relate to.  The significance of stories for young and all age readers cannot be understated, the  narratives emphasize the cognitive and emotional benefits of engaging young minds in captivating tales. The featured book adds a sensitive touch to the reader’s  journey in faith, offering heartwarming experiences, and interesting storylines that  make this an ideal choice for story reading traditions. Families are encouraged to come together, create  moments of joy, and build cherished traditions through the magic and FUN of inspirational storytelling.

Faith-based  Storytelling for Young Readers

Faith-based storytelling invites readers to engage in a memorable time of enjoyable storytelling. ‘Lighting Candles 1 2 and 3, The 23rd Psalm, Love Letter From God, and Divine Designs.’  are delightful additions to young tales or any age reader and I hope brings warmth to the hearts of all readers. The convenience of books available online has made storytelling even more accessible. Parents and caregivers can now explore a vast array of our novels and short stories at the click of a button. The vibrant colors, captivating illustrations, and  engaging narratives come together to create an immersive experience for young readers, fostering a love for reading at any age. Check out our book store  to see all of the children’s books we offer at and Amazon.

We invite families to embrace the magic of faith-based storytelling during this Summer season. Whether through illustrated stories or the whimsical world of our sensitive novels, let’s come together to create moments of joy, wonder, and laughter for our children. As we share precious stories, we not only foster a love for reading but also build   traditions that will be treasured for years to come and something to remember when each day – or perhaps it already has and you ‘read to know God more and more.’


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