No One Told Me Grief is Forever

It came as such a surprise! I wasn’t’ expecting how much I would forever miss the ones I lost. The deep ache of the loss has passed, but the ‘wish you were still here’ is alive and well. Seven years later, I still look up to tell them I miss them. I miss them all. I am happy when I think of them, so it’s not all sad moments.

The topic this week is grief. A sad subject for many of us, but one many are familiar with. If we haven’t personally experienced loss, we eventually will. Also, I meet others every day who have experienced loss. It helps me to know I am not alone. I hope it helps you too.

Our commitment to excellent storytelling and family-friendly books again brings us to delve into the amazing world of novels and novellas to enhance our imaginations and spark enjoyment in summer reads.

This week, we want to share Terrie Sizemore’s titles, ‘Good Grief!’ – a sensitive look at one woman’s journey through her grief.

Good Grief! is a personal story about the loss of a very close person in my life. Actually, I was unprepared for the journey through grief and finding a way to make sense of my life as well as prepare for more loss in this short life. This little book takes place in Florida where I relocated to and also in the Florida Keys – where my friend and I had so many memorable times. Good Grief! encompasses the travels with the author as she sorts out all her deep feelings.

Everyone responds to loss in a personal way and certain losses are felt in different and more profound ways than other losses. Some really don’t embrace discussing their deep and difficult feelings. Others need to find someone to hold their hand through the uncharted journey through grief. My personal journey was filled with mixed emotions. Luckily, my dear friends seemed to understand what I was experiencing and made time each time I called and needed someone to listen and reassure me that what I was feeling was ‘normal’ for what loss I had experienced.

I had a close relationship with a friend who was sick. He struggled with difficult news from the doctors each time he visited their offices. I was able to move closer to him to share the last years of his life with him, however, didn’t realize that all the time we spent together deepened my love for him and made the loss even more difficult. I would never have changed the way it all worked out but realized that with great love comes great pain when that person is lost.

I read ‘A Grief Observed’ by C S Lewis and so much of his ‘grief talk’ related to my feelings as well. I also longed for the past – the talks, the walks, the trips to rivers, lunches, movies, days spent at his apartment, and more. All the mundane that made up our simple lives. All of the sudden, the river was still here, but he wasn’t. The grocery store I shopped at for his needs was still here, but I had no list to shop with.

 A 2 Z Press celebrates creativity and encourages all who are searching for a new and interesting title to sit with and enjoy this summer to take a look at Good Grief. This is a great book for family reading time as well as a look at one woman’s journey to relate to.  The significance of stories for young readers cannot be understated, the narratives emphasize the cognitive and emotional benefits of engaging young minds in captivating tales. The featured book adds a sensitive touch to the young reader’s journey, offering heartwarming experiences, and interesting storylines that make this an ideal choice for story reading traditions. Families are encouraged to come together, create moments of joy, and build cherished traditions through the magic and FUN of storytelling.

Creative Storytelling for Young Readers

Creative storytelling invites young readers to engage in a memorable time of enjoyable storytelling. Good Grief is a delightful addition to young tales, or any age reader and I hope brings warmth to the hearts of all readers. The convenience of books available online has made storytelling even more accessible. Parents and caregivers can now explore a vast array of our novels and short stories at the click of a button. The vibrant colors, captivating illustrations, and engaging narratives come together to create an immersive experience for young readers, fostering a love for reading at any age. Check out our bookstore to see all of the children’s books we offer at and Amazon.

We invite families to embrace the magic of storytelling during this Summer season. Whether through illustrated stories or the whimsical world of our sensitive novels, let’s come together to create moments of joy, wonder, and laughter for our children. As we share this precious story, we not only foster a love for reading but also build traditions that will be treasured for years to come and something to remember when loss happens to you – or perhaps it already has and you ‘read to know you are not alone.’


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