In Search of Christmas Continues

After 3 delightful days with Emily, Leo, Tadd, and Oliver knew they needed to continue their search for Christmas. So, they wagged their tails, licked her face, and left Emily with Tiny.

While walking closely together through the crowed New York city streets, they saw a brightly colored green and red billboard with pictures of the tower called “Eiffel” and heard one of the passersby say, “Look, we should celebrate Christmas in Paris! I hear it’s wonderful!” Thinking they would find Christmas there, the dogs hid as stow aways on the first plane with the words “Air Paris.”

When the plane reached Paris, the stow aways were were discovered and ordered, “OUT! YOU DOGS! OUT!” As the man shouted over and over, the dogs scurried past the workers and passengers. Wow! New York was busy, but Paris was even more busy. As the dogs walked along, they passed window after window covered with lights and pine wreaths  and red bows. Snow fell lightly on the city as people walked and talked, carrying packages and greeting each other with smiles and holiday wishes.

The dogs seemed invisible, but they noticed a little boy standing between the doorways in the shopping area who was definitely not invisible. He wore a necklace that said, “Tommy.” He was shivering without a coat or mittens or shoes. On his little feet were little wet socks. Tadd snuggled up next to him as the boy wrapped his arms around Tadd’s neck and buried his face into the dog’s thick fur. Leo stayed close as Oliver went for help.

Oliver returned with a man in a blue suit carrying a whistle – a policeman with a name badge that read, “Ken.” Oliver wished he could tell the others how at first the man would not follow him, but he persisted. He barked and barked and ran in the direction of his friends and then back to the officer. Finally, Ken realized the dog was trying to tell him something. When they arrived, he spoke into a radio, “Three dogs found the little lost boy from the orphanage. He’s wearing a name tag that says, ‘Tommy.'”

The dogs from Minnesota never saw so many people arrive in cars with bright lights. They carried the little boy to a big building with stone floors and plastic chairs. They gave him warm dry socks and hot chocolate to drink and cookies to eat. Then, a pretty woman in a light blue dress came. She told Tommy her name – Louise. She was Ken’s wife. As she held Tommy and talked to him, she began to smile and hugged him. Tommy smiled back.

Ken and Louise were unable to have children of their own, so they adopted Tommy. They took him from the police station to their home. The dogs went with them, of course. At home, the new family decorated a Christmas tree, made cookies, and sat by a familiar fire. Now, Tommy had a mommy and daddy and Ken and Louise had a little boy. Everyone was happy. Many friends came to celebrate and welcome Tommy.

Several mornings later, another call, “We have some search and rescue dogs here,” the dogs heard Ken say. Then he turned and said, “We need you again, boys.” They climbed aboard a helicopter with Jack.

“We have a sky diver down in the mountains in Norway, boys. Another storm is coming in and we need to find him fast,” Jack said. After landing, the dogs were sent to search. They found Arrie in the mountains, his parachute trapped between large tree branches and his leg injured. As Leo went for help, Tadd and Oliver dragged Arrie from the mountain  and, as usual, began barking and barking – to let everyone know where they were.

They were ecstatic as help arrived. The men gently placed Arrie on a stretcher and flew him and the dogs in a helicopter to a nearby hospital. After a few days, Arrie was released and the town welcomed him back from danger. They called the dogs ‘heroes.’ The dogs were so proud and celebrated with everyone.

During the celebration, they met Norman. He told them about his plans to travel on a cruise ship. He asked the dogs to come along. Leo, Tadd, and Oliver wagged their tails – letting Norman know they would love to be guests on a cruise ship – whatever that was.

They drove in a bus for several days with Norman to a huge ship at the Sea called Mediterranean. As they traveled, Norman shared many stories. Sometimes he cried – especially when he shared how he and his wife always took a cruise at Christmas time. The dogs curled up close to him.

When they boarded the ship – not as stow aways, but as guests this time – they were greeted by friendly faces. The dogs did tricks and the crowd cheered them on and gave them many treats. Cruise ships were fun places for dogs from Minnesota.

Tune in again next week for the continued adventures of Leo, Tadd, and Oliver as they continue their Search for Christmas.


  1. I’m an old time skydiver, D-8538, and would like to support you by buying your book. Couldn’t see how to buy it though. Send me a link and I’ll buy.

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