The Mailbox

Some friends told me of a grave with a mailbox. They tell me the children write notes to Grandpa. I can image the notes the little ones write. “Dear Grandpa, we played today.” “Dear Grandpa, we miss you.” “Dear Grandpa, we are glad you are in heaven.” And on and on the little notes may go.

I think the mailbox is a clever idea. I wish all my loved ones had one. I have many little notes I would like to send them. “Dear so and so… I still miss you.”  “…. I still love you and think of you every day…” “… wish you were here to share… with me…” “…. want to go on the river again and wish you were going too….” “…. want to  let you know how thankful I am over and over for all the good times and things you did for me…”  “…in the mood for Korean food? or Whoppers?”  and many other little notes.

When checking on a friend whose wife passed a couple weeks after my brother, he shared how the writing on a sympathy card my mother sent looked like my brother’s handwriting. For a moment, he was freaked at the thought that my brother sent a card. I thought it was funny, but said ‘wouldn’t it be great if we could get notes from heaven?’

Mmmm. What would they say to me? “Stop worrying!” “Carry on!” “Waiting for you.” “Don’t be sad.” “All is well – no pain, no sorrow, I am in paradise…” I am certain the notes would be comforting. They would help ease the pain of loss. A friend at work said notes would clear up a lot of things. I asked what that meant. He said it meant it would help if whether what we believe is really real. I shared how some have said, “If heaven is not real, we have lost nothing, but if it and God are real, and we do not believe, we have lost everything.” The stakes are high.

Nevertheless, I am coming to see there are people who are still alive and in my life that I have the opportunity to write notes to. Notes to tell them how much I love them and how I am thankful for their love and friendship and help through the difficult times and sharing the fun and happy times. I am taking time to let them know all that is in my heart before I cannot send the notes. I want to keep connected to all my loved ones.

Don’t pass up an opportunity to write the letters to the ones still with us. We will all be somewhere else one day, but it is important to keep sharing our hearts with the ones here too.

Share your notes with us.

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