I have always wondered what my particular talents are. I do not play a sport well or a musical instrument well enough to play for others. I love art and dance, but can see natural talent in others that I wish I myself had.

Matthew 25 tells the parable of Jesus giving talents – to one person He gave 1 talent, to another 2 talents, another 5 and one He gave 10 talents. This has always led me to believe that Christians have been given different talents and some have more responsibility because the Bible also tells me that to whom much is given, much is required. (Luke 12.48)

This takes me back to ‘What are my talents?’ I am still not so sure, but I was talking with a friend and I told her how I sort of laughed when I thought ‘could it be possible for someone to have been given ‘no’ talents?’ I told her I could not think of my own particular talent/s but I have some loved ones that I think others may consider without any particular talent in life. What about them?

My friend’s husband has a relative that struggled with schizophrenia all his life. He was not functional in society, but seemed better when he was given medication. He recently passed away and my friend wondered what purpose a life like his is to this world? The bottom line is ‘what was/is he worth?’

I realize this world puts emphasis on success and talents and, while I do not diminish the importance of success and talents being utilized, I think there are some people with little or possibly no apparent¬† talents. Perhaps I just do not recognize some peoples’ talents.

Does that make the ones with fewer or apparently no talents less valuable? NO! I am convinced that the Living God loves them more than I can imagine. Their small lives that may amount to nothing in my eyes or the world’s eyes do matter and are highly valued by the Father.

One of my brothers died forty years ago when he was twenty years old. I was unprepared to experience this. I prayed and asked God where my brother was for eternity because I never heard him make a ‘profession of faith.’ I remember God’s answer to this day.

He said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of God.’ (Matthew 5.3) and He also said, “The least on this earth will be the greatest in the Kingdom of God.” (Mark 10.31 Living Bible) My brother was seen and known by the God I love. God did not miss my brother’s life and value and he has been with the King for many years and is the greatest in the Kingdom of God even though he was unnoticed here on earth and had no great accomplishments in his life.

Throughout the Bible, the God of the Universe reminds me how important each and every one of us are. He even counts the hairs on our heads. (Matthew 10.30) And the truth that “God so loved the world, He gave His Only Son, so that whoever believes on Him, shall never perish, but have everlasting life’ (John 3.16) will always be true for all of us.¬†

I hope everyone finds their talents and realizes how they are valuable to God just because they are His

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