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Short Bedtime Stories to Encourage Leaning and Creativity Meet Award-Winning Children’s Author and Poet Sheila Marcotte!

This week,  meet the creative, talented and award-winning author and poet, Sheila Marcotte. Sheila is the author of the Moonbeam award-winning book,  There is a Poem Inside of Me. She also created,  My Grandma has a Garden, My Grandpa Has a Tool Bench, The Flora the Fauna, I Want to Look For Bugs, and The Day That I Went to the Zoo!

Sheila’s books are written in rhyme, and are delightful children’s picture books for parents to choose to share with their young ones learning to read and in search of quality reading for children.

These books are filled with colorful pictures and wonderfully crafted stories to bring enjoyment as well as some educational material for the young reader.  Each book has a glossary of the items in the book for reference for the young reader.

Discover the enchantment of magical children’s books this Spring season by exploring the short bedtime tales created by Sheila Marcotte.

These new books are sure to become timeless classics for the young readers in your life as they inspire creativity and a love for learning in each child reading them. They are cherished bedtime tales for sure.

Short Bedtime Stories That Inspire Creativity and Make Learning Fun  

There is a Poem Inside of Me. She also created,  My Grandma has a Garden, My Grandpa Has a Tool Bench, The Flora the Fauna, I Want to Look For Bugs, and The Day That I Went to the Zoo “unwrap the gift of storytelling this Spring season and embark on a journey of imagination, warmth, and enduring traditions.

We invite you to explore the joy, wonder, and warmth of these tales, perfect for creating cherished memories during a most wonderful season of the year.

There is a Poem Inside of Me is a Gold Medal Moonbeam winning children’s book about being creative and finding a poem in all of us. This little book inspires the young reader to dig deep inside and develop all the creativity found inside each of us.  

 My Grandma has a Garden, is a lovely picture book about different flowers growing in her precious Grandma’s garden. From Foxglove to Lion’s tail and Elephant Ears – come see how many flowers your young one can learn about!

My Grandpa Has a Tool Bench, is for every young boy who loves tools! It is an introduction to sharing quality time with family or friends who want to teach the young, growing boy interested in each and every gadget in this sweet little book.

 The Flora the Fauna, is a fun book about the flora and fauna trying to decide which tree it the tallest! Is it the Sequoia? Is it the Cherry tree or the Mighty Oak? Well, as they debate and finally come to a conclusion, then they ask, which tree in the forest is the strongest??? Come see who is the tallest and strongest.

I Want to Look For Bugs, is a creative little book about the different bugs children can find in the world all around them. For some fun, all they need to do is be curious enough to look all around them to see the different bugs surrounding all of us.

and The Day That I Went to the Zoo! Is a charming book for any young library about the fun day this young boy has at the zoo seeing the tall giraffes, the hippos, the swinging chimps, the striped zebras and more! Sure to delight every young reader.

Unwrapping The Gift of Short Bedtime Stories

In the hustle and bustle of the Spring season, finding a quiet moment to share with loved ones becomes a precious gift. Short bedtime stories offer the perfect  solution, allowing families to gather, unwind, and immerse themselves in the magic of the tales of fun and educational books to engage the young reader in your life on each and every page.

The tradition of bedtime stories holds a special place in many hearts, and during the Spring season, it takes on an even more significant role. As the days become longer, but the night moon still casts a gentle glow, these short stories become a gateway to dreamland and spark creative ideas in our little ones!

The tradition of reading stories before bed goes beyond mere entertainment; it’s a pathway to creating lasting family traditions. Whether it’s the timeless classics or modern tales infused with the magic of these fun topics, these stories provide an opportunity for families to come together, share laughter and tenderness, and build memories that will be treasured for generations.

Exploring The World of Kids Books Online

The world of kids’ books has expanded beyond the shelves of local bookstores. The convenience of accessing a vast array of stories online opens up new possibilities for discovery. Families can explore and choose stories that resonate with their Sprig traditions, values, and the spirit of togetherness. This accessibility ensures that the magic of Sheila’s stories are just a click away.

All of Sheila’s books can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble Book Nook as well as the

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