An Honor and a Privilege

I had the best Grandfather in the entire world. I know some would like to challenge me on that, but they would have quite the contest to think there was ever or ever will be a better Grandfather in this world. He only had an eighth grade education, but my Grandpa was the greatest man I ever knew. He was the smartest and kindest and all round most wonderful Grandpa ever. He taught me many things and he taught me by example that you never don’t take care of family.

My Grandfather took a trip to Europe once. It was pretty amazing really. He had never been on a plane before, but he flew to New York City and then on to Europe. When he came home, he was so excited to tell us about the trip that he spent the next twenty years telling us about it over and over again. I am ashamed to admit that I once thought if I had to listen to another story about Europe, I would fall over and die on the spot. Now, much time has passed since I lost my dear Grandfather and I wish more than anything in the world I could sit on our front porch, share a Whopper from Burger King, and I could listen to him tell me over and over again what he saw and how much he enjoyed on his trip to Europe.

It is because of my Grandfather that I was able to attend nursing and veterinary school. He was my rock. I lived with him as he took care of everything while I studied and dreamed and finished my education. I was younger then and my heart wanted to have a family of my own. There was a time I told God I was upset to have be taking care of my Grandfather when I wanted a family of my own. I heard the Lord whisper to me, “he’s taking care of you.” Looking back, I wish I could tell him how much I miss him and how grateful I am for all the care he took of me. Sometimes we do not see the reality of our lives and I did not see it then, but I do now.

Five years ago, I moved to Florida to spend time with my brother. During that time I have come to know what a precious gift it is to give the ones we love our time. I have always been in a hurry to work and do things. I have few regrets, but the one I do have is not spending more time with the ones I love. Now, I have the wonderful blessing to share time with my older parents. I think what a wonderful blessing it is to have our loved ones with us for a very long time. I consider it an honor and a privilege to be with them. I consider it my blessing to care for what they need me to do for them. I will have memories I will cherish forever for the time I spent with my Grandfather, my brother, my parents, and all those I love.

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