If I had a nickel for every time I did something foolish or thoughtless or just plain ‘stupid,’ I’d be a very rich woman. Seems I cannot go a day without something. Most don’t know because I wisely don’t tell all my mishaps. In fact, I forgot some important items I meant to take to work today. No real big deal, but a real big inconvenience.

Sometimes it’s easy to have a tendency to freely given unsolicited advice on just how not to make mistakes each day. How to be more organized, less forgetful – perfect really. We even hear others shouting out ways to be better at just about everything. Easier to give advice than follow that advice.

Recently, I heard a cute little story. This story is about a young girl who took her homework to church. She enjoyed the service, but after it was over, she unintentionally forgot her homework in the church. She informed her mother of her situation. As they returned to retrieve the homework, her mother proceeded to scold her the entire way back to church. She told the young girl how she needed to be more responsible and make sure she did not forget important things like her homework. The little girl quietly listened as they drove along. When they arrived back at the church, the little girl went in to¬† find her homework. Soon, she came out of the church, walking with a happy and bouncy stride. She was smiling from ear to ear. The little girl had her homework in one hand and her mother’s purse in the other.

I must admit that was one cute little story. I was feeling sorry for the young girl being scolded for being distracted in church and making an innocent mistake. I wondered how her mom felt when she saw her purse being toted along with her daughter’s homework. Very funny. It all reminds me of how easy it is for me to hold others to a standard I do not always hold myself to. I do not have any stones to throw at anyone who finds themselves in a situation where things most likely could have gone better, but didn’t.

I want to take time to extend a gracious attitude to all those around me who are as imperfect as I am.

Share your stories with us.

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  1. Terrie, we are all gifted by your written words and the way you convey your stories allow us to be part of the story.
    Love you more each day.
    Please continue your writings. You are very gifted. I find your heart to be that of an innocent little girl

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