Birds in flight! How magnificent is that? Every time I see a bird in the air, I am astonished. I don’t know why, they have been flying forever. Their bodies are designed to be light enough for their wing span to lift them off the ground. Without an aviation class, they seem to know how to navigate the airways – the wind currents, the weather, and all – all without a GPS in wing.

As I look around, I see more wonders of  nature. Not only do I see birds traveling great distances without boundaries, I recently noticed large green ‘elephant ear’ – looking plants. I don’t know their names and could not believe how large the leaves were. They were taller and broader than a 6′ man. I am also amazed when I see palm trees bending to  hover over the ocean waters. Who could think of this? They are made of what look like tubular structures surrounded by an outer covering that make them strong and form their shapes. I love Joyce Kilmer’s poem – “I think that I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a tree… poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree.”

I have come to dislike the ants I see crawling everywhere and multiple other bugs that serve a purpose in our ecosystem, but they do intrigue me. Someone is studying bugs right this minute and loving every minute of it! How could this be? And there are so many bugs.

Then I think to myself, ‘What have I ever made?’ Have I made a bird that flies? Have I made an eye that sees? Have I made a nerve cell that carries information from one part of a body to another? Have I ever made something as stupendous as a heart that pumps blood a distance four times across the United States every day and yet rests 10-12 hours a day? No, the answer is no. I have not even made a blade of grass.

Nevertheless, even though I realize how small I am, I find myself instructing the One Who has made everything. I find myself telling Him I would do things differently. Oh how I am in desperate need of His mercy and love and understanding to this little child of His Who forgets that He put the stars in the sky and He names them and cares for the sparrow. He cares for you and me. I am thankful for His patience to remind me how big and awesome He is every day, all day.

The Words used to describe Him are Omnipotent -all powerful, Omnipresent – in all places, and Omniscient – all knowing. But what does He know? Not only does He know how to make the mighty oak tree and put whales in the ocean, He knows everything about us. He knows our every need. Our deepest longing. Everything that makes us feel secure or afraid or loved or even unloved. He knows every word that has ever hurt us deeply, made us feel unworthy, damaged our spirits.

He knows the hairs on our head and the dreams and desires we each have. He knows every word that has ever been written, every home that has ever been lost or made a home in, every time the weather threatens, each answer to every test, how to reach the ones we think are unreachable. Simply put- Everything -that is what He knows.

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