Prayer equals love in my opinion. There is a debate among people of faith. Some feel if a prayer is prayed, the work is done. They claim that faith says ‘the thing asked for was presented to God, so there is no need to continue to make petition.’ Others feel persevering prayer is necessary at times. I been on both sides of this debate at different times in different circumstances.
I believe prayer is the mystery of Christianity and prayers are not only powerful, they are precious –  Revelation 5.8 tells us “…and they had golden bowls full of incense (fragrant spices..), which are the prayers of God’s people (the saints).” God saves our prayers.
At times I am deceived to feel my prayers don’t matter. Sometimes delays in answers causes this. Sometimes others’ opinion that God does whatever He wishes without regard for our prayers causes my deception. Many challenge the worth of prayer by pointing out how some prayers never get answered. I choose to pray anyway in faith that prayer impacts the unseen world. I do not know what happens as I pray, but God does.
The Bible gives me several examples of persevering prayer. One personal favorite is in 1 Kings 18.41-45. There has been no rain for an extended time. Elijah begins to pray for rain, but nothing happens. He servant even says, “There is nothing.” But Elijah continues to pray. In fact, he prayed 7 times. Then, finally, a small cloud began to form. As they continued to watch, bigger and bigger and more and more clouds formed until it began to pour. Answered prayer.
In the Book of Esther, the people were in danger. The Bible says she began to “…make supplication …and plead …for the lives of her people.” (Esther 4.8) I have loved ones with difficulties that are of great concern to me. I am convinced my love for these individuals is pale in comparison to the love God has for them. As I read scripture, I see how Esther was moved to help her ‘people.’
I also read how healing happened when fathers and mothers asked for their children, such as in Matthew 8.5-13. This compels me to be bold in prayer and hold nothing back. I pray that the ones I love have healthy relationships, be happy in life, be well, have healed hearts and bodies and minds, have good lives, strong positive behavior patterns and leave the old destructive lives behind. I pray because my Savior died and is alive for all these prayers to be answered.
I “pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5.17)
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  1. This is an amazing analysis concerning avalanches of prayers placed before God almighty. In between answers to our prayers He knows when to deal with us. However persistence prayers has it’s own thermostatic levels before God prevails. Meanwhile Esther case the fierce urgency of the moment shows that God answers prayer but the degree of the love you have for the object of your prayers makes the difference.

  2. We came to you at the Oviedo Veterinary Care & Emergency with our cat Dimitri and you were WONDERFUL!! By that night Dimitri was 100% better! I would love to know if you have a practice outside of Oviedo Vet Care & Emergency because I really trust your knowledge about animals. We have other cats that we would like to bring to a regular vet on a regular basis, so if you have a practice that we could be a regular at that would be fantastic. Thanks again for being so understanding and loving toward our Furbaby.

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