Many years ago I attended a Christmas concert my step daughter sang in. Before she came to the stage, the younger children sang their songs. One sweet little song was, “Must Be Santa.” The first graders were darling as they sang, “Cap on head…” and put their little hands on their heads.  Then they patted their chests as they sang, ‘suit of red.’ The little ones continued, “Special night, beard that’s white,” and, of course, rubbed their chins. Then they sang, “Must be Santa.”

For years I remembered that little song and wanted the music. I contacted  the school, but was unable to obtain any music. I searched the internet and many stores. One Saturday, while working in Sandusky, Ohio, I shopped at a small flea market. I was amazed! On one of the tables was a children’s Christmas song book with “Must Be Santa” as one of the songs. I purchased it for the high price of 25 cents! I still have it. Some may say this was a coincidence, however, I believe nothing is a coincidence and it was God’s way of showing me He not only knows everything about the universe and the world. He knows every detail about us. He knew I was looking for this book. Proverbs 16.33 says, [even the events that seem accidental are really ordered by Him].

Not convinced? Well, I have read the Amplified version of the Bible for many years. My original Bible is so worn, it is in 17 sections. I thought it time to purchase a new one. I looked for a very long time – in Christian bookstores, on Amazon, anywhere I thought I could buy one. No luck. Then, one day, I was shopping at a thrift store about 15 minutes from my Ohio home and what did I see? An Amplified Bible in perfect condition. The thrift store had a policy to give the Bibles in the store for free. I was amazed by the God I love finding something as simple as a Bible for me.

Still not convinced? Well, I love yellow flowers. It came to my attention that there are yellow lilacs. I only knew of white and lavender – which I already have both of. Money was a little tight one year and I was unable to order any flowers or shrubs. I had previously ordered roses from a company that sent me a box I was not expecting. Inside were lovely yellow lilacs. I called the company and they said to keep the box when I offered to send it back. Coincidence? Not in my book.

If you still are not convinced – one night I was on-call for horses. I had just lost a job and wanted pizza for dinner, but did not have the extra money to spend. I was called to a farm where a young horse was having stomach pain. I treated the horse, but the owners asked me to stay the night because the weather was snowy and they did not think I would be able to make it back if the foal needed me. I stayed, they treated me to dinner. When he brought in the pizza, he said, ‘I was going to get chicken, but I decided to get this. I hope this is ok.’ I said, ‘Yes, very ok.’ He had no idea, but I did. I whispered a thanks to the God I love.

I have at least 100 stories just like these. Vehicles I bought over the years, clothing I desired and needed, and many other ‘things’ God provided from His rich and unending supply.

The Bible tells us the very hairs on our head are numbered. (Matthew 10.30) God is in the details for sure.  The Bible also tells us nothing is trivial to God. (Job 36.5) That means He knows everything about you and me, the secret things we have in our hearts are not only known to Him, but very important to Him too. I am convinced of this. This is another way He wants to show us how much He loves us.

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