He’s Not Heavy, He’s My Brother

I am thinking I sound like a broken record these days-all about loving the struggling ones and walking an extra mile when the ones we love need us too. I have even had ‘comments’ about the repeated content in my blog comments. Not sure how to change the record at this time. Seems to be the topic on my heart and the one God seems to keep giving me.

But, that being said, I love this photo. The image is dear to me. A picture truly is worth a thousand words, and I can think of a thousand words. In fact, I made up this little story that I think of when I look at this picture:

A little girl in Thailand cares for her younger brother. They start each day with her making him breakfast- maybe nuts and some fruit. Then, she readies him for their day. First, she helps him clean. Then she dresses him in a little yellow hat, a blue and white shirt and red and blue colored shorts. Since he is too little to walk long distances and since he doesn’t have shoes to fit his little feet, she straps him to her back and carries him.

Off to work they go. They laugh and talk as they walk down the long dirt road that takes her to the fields she works in each day. Sometimes they sing songs. She never complains, she has just accepted that this is her ‘normal’ way of doing things each day. Her deep love for her brother makes carrying him seem like no work at all.

When finished, they walk home together. She carries her green stems in her hands and, again, her little brother on her back. He tries to play with the ends of the stems. She just keeps walking. They arrive at home, where she unstraps him from her back. They share their evening meal, play some, get ready for bed, and tell each other they love each other and are so blessed and glad to have each other. They rest and start the next day doing the same things as they do most days.

Yes, I could add dialogue and the games played and the meals made. I could add where their parents are, or are not-maybe they are cared for by Grandma. I could add the weather- sometimes fair, sometimes inclement. You can also add those details. The details I capture when I see this photo is the love of a little girl for her brother. Her dedication to him and tireless work that she does at such a young age. She teaches me about love. I hope you feel it too.

Another reason I love this photo is because it reminds me of all the times Jesus carried me. I have been no stranger to seasons of need, that’s for sure.

“I could be the greatest person in the world with many talents and give to the poor and sacrifice beyond human comprehension… but if I do not have love, I am nothing….. now there is faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love…”            1 Corinthians 13.

Share your stories about this picture with us.

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