Unnoticed by the World, Noticed by God




I would guess that most of us have small lives. We muddle through life mostly unnoticed by the world, but we are noticed by God. In fact, in God’s economy, the least on this Earth are the greatest in the Kingdom of God (Luke 9.48) and blessed are the poor in spirit because theirs is the Kingdom of God. (Matthew 5.3)

This is the exact opposite message of today’s world. The rich and famous make the popular list. But I know God sees us ones who feel insignificant and unnoticed – let me tell you about Louie. When I first gave my heart to Jesus, I wanted everyone to know Him. My heart was captivated by the Creator of the Universe Who came to Earth so I could know Him and have the most wonderful friendship I could have ever imagined. Jesus called me ‘friend.’ (John 15.15)

I was just a young girl, but my zeal caused me to ride my bicycle seven miles from my home to a college town to share my new found faith with several students there. I went on and on about this Jesus of mine and how wonderful He is and how He wanted their hearts too. In frustration, one man, Louie, said to me, “Where was God when I prayed to Him and I was in the gutter with no food, no home, no money, and I prayed.”

To be honest, I was speechless. What do you say to someone who really wanted help from God and prayed and came to the conclusion God let him down? I went home dejected. It seemed he won, God did not come through as hoped and Louie was not about to give his heart to a God Who could not be trusted. When I began to pray that evening, I asked God, “Where were you when Louie prayed?” As I sat quietly, God spoke to my heart and said, ‘I answered every one of Louie’s prayers.’

Stunned, I began to realize how God had done superabundantly above and beyond all that Louie had prayed or even hoped- just like He promises in Ephesians 3.20. God showed me that Louie was in this really great private college for free- he was on a football scholarship – had a roof over his head- free- and food in his tummy- free- and was accomplishing an education to take care of things as he completed his education. How good and faithful God is.

Now, it is true, an angel did not come down with a tray of food and word that there was money under the plate and keys to a hotel room….. But God did hear Louie and did answer. Louie missed it. I never saw Louie again to tell him what God showed me, but I have always prayed for God to show me how He answers us and how He has an endless supply.

The Earth is the Lord’s and fullness thereof. Psalm 24.1. He owns all the jobs and all the cars and all the houses and all the everything. It is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom. (Luke 12.32.) He sees and hears you and your prayers for help and family and people who come into your lives in need. Continue to pray. Continue to believe. Ask for eyes to see His answers and always remember to thank Him.

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