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Here we go again, another New Year! In 1966, the year 2018 seemed like something in a science fiction movie, but here it is.

Dickens inspires me- If I talk of New Years Past, I vividly remember one New Year’s Eve in Cleveland, Ohio. While employed with the city ambulance, and transporting patients to and from the hospitals, I noticed a man pushing another man in a wheelchair in the street. He was pushing him from one tavern to another. I chuckle as I write this because I chuckled when I saw it. The site of these two pitiful men oddly enough touched my heart. The man in the wheelchair was quite large, and the man pushing was struggling- dedicated to making it to the next tavern. He chose to push the wheelchair through the streets because the sidewalks were snow covered. I remember thinking- what a friend. After their New Year’s Eve activities, I imagined the man pushing would return the man in the wheelchair to his home, help him to bed, and be done with the night. Although I have never consumed an alcoholic beverage and do not condone it – especially on New Year’s Eve, the act of friendship and camaraderie was impressive. Would I go to such lengths to help someone else?

Here is New Year’s Present. This year is filled with memories of the past year and all that has been accomplished and all that has been lost. Auld Lang Syne for sure. New employment opportunities have come my way, new books published, new friends made. Finances have been less of a struggle. Also, new adventures have happened – including a trip to my favorite Sea World. In addition to all the happy events, we lost my brother this year. This New Year’s Eve he celebrates with the King and we miss him. A mixture of sad and happy seems to be the usual agenda when it comes to memories.

And, we have New Year’s Future. Most of us are excitedly looking forward to what will happen this year? Will we have more new adventures, meet new people, experience new employment challenges, have better finances, beat that addiction, see our children prosper? I did not consider any resolutions because I never keep them, but I do want to make this a new year of opportunities to help family members and friends make it through another year with happy moments. I want to do my best to pray for the ones I love and know are having difficulties as well as share happy moments with others. This year will be another year to make memories that will last a lifetime for us and the ones we love. I am certain this year will be like all the others- some will welcome new members to the family and friend list, some will say good-bye to ones they love.┬áSome will find new jobs or make new lives in another place. Some will marry and some will begin an educational adventure. Some may be lonely.

We all share one thing- we will all walk through the New Year. We can make it extraordinary. We can take opportunity to see the good in all those around us and make it a great year for everyone.

To friends and family- Happy New Year and God Bless us Everyone!

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