Lighting Candles

Mom and Dad - your lights shine forever in hearts of those who love you! / Photo "Bokeh of Love!" by Jane Chuah

My sister in law once said, “We curse the darkness, but we forbid anyone to light a candle.”

The darkness. I suppose that could be loneliness for some. Single motherhood for others. Divorce, death, alcohol or chemical addiction, compulsive tendencies, eating disorders, anger and unforgiveness issues, a past riddled with abuse, being an orphan, losing a child or never having a child or a spouse, and other struggles are the darkness for many. For others, the darkness is also the deep feelings of being unwanted, unloved, defective, unworthy, unlovable, lost, worthless, helpless, hopeless, never measuring up, like they don’t ‘fit in,’ and feelings of failure- to name a few.

Mother Teresa is quoted as saying, ‘Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.’ Although I think no one should go hungry, I certainly pray no one feels forgotten or unloved or unwanted.

No, life is certainly not all butterflies and daisies for some. For some, it is a real struggle to get through each day. Where does one turn for help? Where does one turn for answers.

When I was in the darkness in life- one particular very dark place РI needed some candles to light my way out of the dark of deep despair. My story had to do with deep depression and other things. When trying to figure out why I was struggling so, I came across some helpful information I wanted to share.

First, I learned that God’s Word says ‘A merry heart is like good medicine, a cheerful mind works healing, but a wounded spirit, who can bear this?’ Proverbs 17.22. I realized I was not meant to be wounded and that was why I wasn’t handling it well.

It also says, ‘He gives beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for morning, and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.’ Isaiah 61.3.¬† I often wondered how my ashes could ever be something beautiful. This took time to sink in.

While in the pit I was in, the Light finally came. The truth was I was not defective. I was not helpless or worthless. I was not unlovable. The lies I believed were what were killing me, the ‘Truth began to set me free.’ John 8.32. The truth was lovely and kind and wonderful.

How? Slowly, I began to learn. I read about how God felt about me and you. How He treasures us more than anything in this world. The Bible says, ‘The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness of it,’ Psalm 24.1. He showed me that even though He owns everything in this world, we are His most precious possession. More than houses and cars and boats and everything, He considers us what He treasures and loves beyond our ability to comprehend at times.

When God opened my eyes to see how He treasured me above anything else, I felt loved. Hope filled my heart.

The Bible also tells me that God’s thoughts are precious towards me and they are so vast they are more in number than the sand! Psalms 139.17-18. What an amazing thing to tell me.

There is hope for a hurting world. His Name is still Jesus. Take a ride with us for a few weeks as we light some candles.

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