The Art of Naming a Pet

* * " Whens me wuz a fetus; me used to sneaks outs at nite whens me mau-ma wuz sleepin'. Me figured meez shoulds starts stealin' stuff whiles me stills hads noes paw prints."[Steven Wright

I am amused at the names my clients give the family pets. From Fizzgig to Gator , many have favorite characters or family members they name their pet after.

We adopted a little tiger cat who was a terror from the moment she came into our home. She raced everywhere in the house, darted under furniture, climbed draperies, and jumped from counters to cabinets to the floor. She was exhausting. My step  daughter loved cats and this kitten was her favorite.

When we named her, I asked my step daughter what name she wanted for this kitten. We both agreed she was a monster. We thought about naming her Monster. Then, my step daughter ¬†thought more and she said, ‘Well, I really like the name Donna.’

We considered our options. Should we name her Monster or Donna? We went back and forth and still couldn’t decide. Then she said, ‘Well, I also like the name Lisa.’

What to do? Now we had three names to choose from. Should she be Monster, Donna, or Lisa? Since we couldn’t decide, we did the only logical thing, we named her Monster Donna Lisa. When you said this about 100 times, it sounded like a real name anyone might name their pet. I am certain there are NO other cats in the world named Monster Donna Lisa, but there are many unique other names as well as the usual names like Bella and Max and Tiger, and others.

Share your pet naming story with us.

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