Jumping to Conclusions

Appaloosa More:

I was assigned to castrate 3 appaloosa horses for a client. When I arrived at the farm, the couple who owned the horses were quite pleasant and we talked for a short while before beginning the surgeries.

When I do this surgery, I prefer to put the horse on the ground and pull one rear leg forward by tying it to a rope around the horse’s neck Then I complete the castration. Surgery went perfectly for the first horse, however, midway through surgery on the second horse, things did not go so well. He stood up  with his leg tied. There’s a first time for every disaster I always say. I administered additional medication to put him back on the ground. He fell on the opposite side, so I pulled the other back leg forward and tied it to the rope around his neck. I finished the castration. Yes! Both back legs were tied in a forward position at this time. I finished, untied both legs, let him wake up, and prepared to castrate the last horse.

Before we started the third horse, the owners asked to take a break and went into their home. As I waited for them to return, crazy thoughts went through my mind. I thought they were calling my boss to tell him they did not want me to do the last castration because I had so much trouble keeping the second horse down. I thought they were planning to tell me to leave their farm. The fearful thoughts were overwhelming.

When they came out, he said, “My wife and I were talking about you.”

I prepared for the worst as I thought, ‘I knew it! Here it comes.’

Then he said, “We really like you, you don’t talk down to us. You talk like a regular person.” I was so relieved and said, “I thought you were upset with me and calling the boss because I had to give a second dose of medication to the second horse.”

They replied, “Oh, no. We weren’t upset about that, he (the boss) had to give additional medication to a horse down THREE times one day to complete a castration.”

I was amazed. It makes me think I am the only one difficult moments happen to when others don’t admit circumstances don’t always go perfectly for them.  As time goes on I realize everyone has difficulties and no one has perfect moments every moment.

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