His Little Teddy Bear Costume

It's official: There is nothing in the world cuter than New York City's annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade.:

Hi, I’m the dog. I am ready for the big night. You heard from Kitty last week and saw her costume. I considered going trick or treating as a ghost or a vampire or Freddie Krueger, but my owners decided I am their little teddy bear, so this is what they chose for me. What do you think? Everyone in the house thinks I am so cute and they want to kiss me over and over.

I’m going house to house with the children and will accept any and all appropriate treats for me. I am not allowed chocolate, but dog bones are very much appreciated. I would love to see how your owner dressed you this Halloween. My mom said she saw many pet owners fitting their pets with costumes at the local pet stores. One woman had an alligator costume. Wow! That dog is going to scare everyone. Others included Superman, turtles, McDonald’s food costumes and I’ll be you have thought of others.

Hope all you folks like the decorations in the neighborhood- the pumpkins, corn stalks, ghosts, lights, and some of the gruesome additions to the yard decor. Hope it’s not too cold and you get lots and lots of treats. Hope the tricks are fun. Keep us posted.

Stay safe and watch over the children. Kitty is staying home, so visit her for your treats at our house.

Share your Halloween costumes with us and your great Halloween adventures.


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