Cutest Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is a fun time.

Hi, my name is Kitty. Halloween is almost here. I am trying on the costume my owners bought for me to wear on that special night. How do you like it? They said they mulled over dozens of choices before deciding on this adorable get up. I think it suits me just fine. The truth is deep down inside I am an angel, my family said so.

The family is ready for the spooky holiday. The decorations are all set, the candy bowls have been taken from their stored places, and they talk of all the tricks and treats they are planning to have for the young trick-or-treaters. ┬áMe and the dog are not allowed chocolate- oh darn – but we like treats too. We try to avoid the tricks but are ready to do anything for the treats. My favorite treats are salmon or chicken flavored goodies. Dog is hoping for treats too- he likes everything, but dog bones seem appropriate for this Halloween celebration.

Dog is dressing up and going house to house with the children, but I will be sitting here waiting for everyone to come my way. Please bring treats if you are coming to our house. And don’t forget …

We would love to have you share your stories about Halloween with us- all about your pets’ favorite treats and pictures of the costumes you have for your pets.


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