Winter 2019

Chance of snow today in Florida (and just about every day) is 0%. This is the funniest thing I heard my mother say when I first came to Florida several years ago as we walked the Florida beaches.

Another Winter is here and for many it is not a 0% chance of snow today. The only thing that indicates winter here is that it is dark early. Everywhere else I have family and loved ones who are bundled up, drinking hot cocoa, shoveling daily, and getting through yet another winter. I don’t know about you, but I hope everyone is making it through again.

It may be warm here, but I remember my days in Ohio. I traveled everywhere with my shovel. I was mocked by a parking attendant who asked about it one time. I told him I never leave home without it. I told him how I had to shovel into and out of my driveway Рjust the part close to the road Рnot the entire 500 feet. I then walked down that 500 foot-long driveway to my apartment in the barn. One day, while walking to my truck, my foot landed in a hole, and down I went. I laughed and wondered if my  one close neighbor saw me and had a good laugh herself.

I have so many memories of the over 50 years spent in a Northern climate. I loved ice skating, sledding, and horseback riding through drifts of snow. On still, quiet nights after a light snow when the moon was full, my dogs and I walked around my 1/2 mile horse jogging track. The moonlight lit up the path and we enjoyed the still cold air and were thankful for all our blessings.

The days just keep coming and going. Another season that will soon turn again to Spring! Life seems to stay the same in some ways and constantly changing in other ways. I am trying harder this year to enjoy every day and every moment as I live it and leave the worry over the impending loss to the days ahead. That’s where the worry belongs anyway. I need to cherish the moments I have with aging loved ones and ones I see only on occasion.

I am enjoying my warmer Winter climate. In fact, Mom said she is going to get me a t-shirt she saw that says, “I Wear FlipFlops All Year Long” because I do! Happy Winter 2019 everyone. It will be Spring soon.

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