What If?

What if we really believed? If we really believed everything in God’s Word – that He loves us more than anything in this world, that He created us and knows everything about us and truly wants only the best for us? That He is always with us, working for us, and protecting us? Always making ways we could never have imagined? What if He really knows when we are good and when we are not so good and still loves us the same? What if the truth of His Word were not imagination but reality and so much a part of us, nothing could shake it? Would we be different people? I know I would.

Recently I read a short devotional from Joni and friends about Isaiah 49:16 – ‘Behold, I have indelibly imprinted (tattooed a picture of) you (engraved you) on the palm of each of My hands..’ Joni goes on to write:

“When you were in elementary school, did you ever take a pen and write the name of someone on the palm of your hand? Maybe it was a boy or girl you liked — or someone you especially admired. The truth is, God has done this as well, only He has taken it a giant step further. In today’s Scripture, He says, “See, I have engraved you on the palms of My hands…” In other words, He doesn’t just engrave your name on His palms, but He engraves you. It’s all there — everything about you — your hopes and dreams, faults and failures, fears and anxieties, everything that makes up who you are. He’s not just holding you; He closes His hands and feels the impression, the precious one-of-a-kind engraving. You are a part of Him, and He will never, ever overlook you and your needs.”

This is an amazing truth to me and touches my heart deeply and yet I walk around thinking I am on my own at times – I am sorry to say ‘many’ times really. I fret and worry and don’t know how to pray and all along God is always working on my behalf and always talking. I know in my head that if I really believed all He has said in His Word and to me, I would sleep like a baby every night and smile at everyone every day. I would not be worried about a deal going through for me or if my business will succeed. I would realize God has won the victory for me and rest and enjoy the moments of life He has blessed me with. If only, I say to myself.

In my flawed vision of God, I see Him as asking me to measure up and be something I try to be, but do not seem to be able to be. I do not rest in the Love He has for me. I am asking the Living God to really dwell in me – in every fiber of my being. I want to know that I know that I know He is my God and my Abba Father and that nothing is too trivial for Him and no mistake I make changes His love for me and my family. I want to really experience the empowering Words of the Living God for every part of my life. This is my New Year’s resolution after knowing Him for over forty years.

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