A Cup of Cold Water

When I lived in Ohio, I admit I never drank the daily recommended eight eight ounce glasses of water.  However, in Florida, it seems I cannot get enough. The temperatures and humidity cause insatiable thirst and water is welcome and refreshing. I do get my eight eight ounce glasses a day now. Something that seems so inconsequential, but is monumentally crucial.

Water also makes me think of other things. I am blessed to have many FB and other friends who are doing great things for God. Some are pastors, some are missionaries, some care for orphans, and many others are using their gifts for the Kingdom each and every day. Sometimes I sit and think of how I would like to do so much for God. I think of orphan children I would like to make sure are fed and loved and know they are special. I would love to tell others the truths He has told me. I would love to pray for others I have never met. God has meant so much to me for over forty years and I wish I could give Him just a fraction of what He has given me. I realize I just have a small life. I wonder what I can do for God?

One day God showed me. I shopped for my brother when he was too weak to shop himself. Without letting him know, I removed those hard to remove covers over the tops of his orange juice and lemonade bottles. You know the ones. I knew he was weak and removing them was difficult for him. One day, he caught me removing the tops. I was expecting him to be uspet because he was very independent. He said, “I forgot to thank you for doing that.” I knew he realized I was trying to make things easier for him. Not only did I shop for him, I washed clothes and spent time with him – letting him talk and feel important and valuable. Now, to tell the truth, no one  in the world would consider this important, but I think God does. Matthew 10:42 tells us, “… and whoever gives one of these little ones … even just a cup of cold water because he is My disciple, they will not lose their reward.”

A cup of cold water. Everyone can give a cup of cold water. A smile to those around us, a hug to a struggling friend, a cup of tea and company to a widow. An encouraging word to a friend. We all have a cup of cold water. Look for the opportunities every day. I know they are all around. God is watching and He sees everything we do – even if just give a cup of cold water in His Name.

Our friends and family need us to love them and do what we can to make their lives better.

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