Fall 2018

Well, it is officially Fall. Many of my friends love the change of seasons, and, like clockwork, time marches on. The days are slowly getting shorter. Some in the North will be enjoying cooler weather with leaves changing to bright yellows, oranges, and reds. I have memories of the Amish in Ohio making apple cider and as I drove the country side in Ohio a few days ago, I saw pumpkins being harvested in the fields. Along with the pumpkins, it is also harvest time for all the crops for farmers.  The land will lay silent again until next Spring. Even with all the wonderful Fall happenings, there will be the knowledge of impending Winter. Brrrrr.

I, however, being back in Florida, will still be seeing Palm Trees this Fall. Am so blessed. I have plans be on the rivers in warm, but not scorching temperatures, boogie boarding the waves in the ocean before it cools, and perhaps a trip to the Florida Keys. There is an  imperceptible change of seasons in Florida. Still lots of sunshine and just a little less humid. I must admit, I do not miss my Ohio winters, but I do miss the Fall in Ohio. I loved caramel covered apples, fresh vegetables, and the cooler nights. I liked the feeling as if it’s the end of a very long day – the feeling that everything is going to go to sleep soon for a little while as we endured the snow and cold and looked forward to the Spring – when everything comes back to life again.

This year, I will have traveling friends seeking relief from their colder climates. We have so much planned I think they will want to stay forever. Thankfully, hurricane season will be ending soon – hopefully without any storm activity. I hope your Fall is filled with lots of fun activities and family. I hope you enjoy the apples and fresh vegetables and all the things you and your family do each fall. Enjoy every moment!!!

Another of my very favorite things about Fall is Thanksgiving. Giving thanks is something I do daily, but even more so during this season of thanks and preparation for Christmas again. Oh, how I love this time of year! Have a great Fall!

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