Something Old, Something New

My Aunt asked me once why I read the same Book over and over. She said she thought it would be boring. I said that I have read the Bible over and over for over 40 years because each and every day, the Living God shows me something new in His Word. It is the most exciting thing that happens to me. When I sit to read, I open my Bible and ask, ‘What will the Lord say to me today?’

I am never disappointed. The Word comes alive as I read it over and over. The Lord is faithful each time I need a Word from Him to show me a special Word for the moment I need it. Recently, I have been consumed with care for my loved ones. Sometimes I think God has forgotten us, but I am very wrong. He is on the job at all times, in all places, and for all things that concern me and my loved ones.

During Bible study one night, I experienced something that is old as something new to me. The Book of Exodus was written many years ago and I read this Book many times during the over 40 years I have spent reading my Bible. Somehow, I had never seen Exodus 28 in any particular way. In fact, the verses had no significant meaning to me until a few days ago. The verses read: “and you will take two onyx stones and engrave the names of the sons of Israel…” I sensed God whispering something new to me as He said, “and you will take two onyx stones and engrave the names of your loved ones..” The Word continues, “and Aaron shall bear their names before the Lord on his shoulders of remembrance‚Ķ” God again whispered to me, “and you shall bear your loved ones’ names before the Lord on your shoulders of remembrance.” The Word continues, “there shall be ‚Ķ.stones with the names of….. and they shall be on Aaron’s heart, when he goes in before the Lord…” God again whispered to me, “your loved ones shall be on your heart when you come to Me.” And they are.

The ones I love truly are on my heart and I come before the Lord for them. The ones of my family, the ones I meet each and every day, the ones I know struggle. The poor and homeless I see. The ones that the Living God has not forgotten. They are on my heart as living stones that have their names engraved upon my heart as symbolism as I go before the Living God in prayer for them.

He has not forgotten us and reminds me in a special and personal way through His Word each and every time I open my beloved Bible to see what He will say to me today. What will He use to encourage me today? What will He use to teach me today? What will He use to guide me today? It’s all there, waiting for me to open the Bible and spend time with Him and His Word. He shows me He is waiting for me to bring the loved ones on my heart to Him in prayer. Who’s on your heart to take to the Lord today?

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