Many, many years ago, (sad to admit this) there was a television show called, “To Tell the Truth.” There were three contestants – one was the ‘real’ person the other two pretended to be. The players asked questions to determine who was ‘real’ person and who was pretending. The identity of the ‘real’ person was hidden until the players guessed who they felt the ‘real’ person was of the three. After the votes were in, the host of the show would say, ‘will the real …. please stand up.’ Then the real party would stand.

Sometimes I ask, “Will the REAL God please stand up.” At times in life, I have had an incorrect image of God. Often, I asked myself, ‘Who is this King of Glory?’
Is He a harsh taskmaster – like Pharoah – telling me to make bricks, make more bricks, make bricks without straw?
Is He a frightening being – just waiting to send fire and brimstone down to Earth and on me for making the same mistake over and over?
Is He a loving God Who is always there waiting to show me new ways He has to comfort and take care of me and love me unconditionally?                                                        Is He dependable? Trustworthy?                                                                                                                Is He the God Who can do anything and wants to do everything for me?

Who is He? Big question.

When I was a little girl, my mom took me to church. The church was big and everyone sang to organ music. I remember sitting in the pew looking up at the high ceilings, stained glass windows, and all the pictures and statues in the church. The whole atmosphere made me think God was big and stern and distant and unconcerned. He did not seem like the kind of Being I could tell all my inner thoughts and needs to. He was Someone I didn’t think I would like to get to know. Sadly, this is how I viewed Him.

I was told that sometimes we don’t see God as “He” is, we see Him as “we” are. I saw Him from a broken heart. Now I see Him much differently, I think I see Him more like He is- faithful, loving, dependable, just, and Holy. I am thankful for the change in seeing Him a little more clearly. I strive to know the ‘real’ Him better each day.

Our perception of God is important because it determines how we approach Him. If He is “Abba (Daddy) Father,” then we approach him as a small child approaches a kind and gentle father by crawling into his lap and expecting to be held and protected. If He is a harsh God, then it is difficult if not impossible for us to approach the Throne of Grace to find mercy and help in time of need. (Hebrews 4.16) If we find Him undependable, then we continue to trust in ourselves and our own abilities to figure out situations in life.

Who is He to you?

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