These are the ‘good old days!’ Every day is a chance to make new and exciting memories. I do enjoy my ‘old’ memories too, though and at times I would like to go back in time.

As I sit and look at photos of times and those I love gone by, I think how wonderful it is to have memories. We are our memories. I remember trips to the St. Joseph Peninsula in the panhandle of Florida each year. My sister would pick me up at the airport as she drove through Panama City on her way to the campgrounds. We laughed and talked and it never seemed as though a year went by. Mom and my other sister were already there waiting for us.

We carried our groceries in the cabin and then headed for the beach -over a large sand dune to our lonely umbrella on the gorgeous beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. Fearing sharks, we only swam a short distance into the ocean waters. Each night we ran to the boardwalk near the campground to catch the sunset and each morning, my early rising sisters, would enjoy the sunrise.

These memories along with other memories of shared time with family and friends have made my life the extraordinary journey that it has been. Days on the river with my brother. Trips to Key West and other places. Even time shopping with friends I have known for years and talking over lunch are treasured times. In addition to people I have shared time with are the animals that have made my life terrific. Horses, dogs, and cats have come and gone. They have loved me and I have loved them in a way that is beyond description.

I miss my little Dachshund named “Tilly” every day. She was always happy and ready to ride in the car and experience new adventures with me. Whether it was a new lake or woods we wanted to explore, or a new park, she was in. Watching her age and her time running out was heart breaking. They say we should not be sad that our time together is over, but glad that it happened. I am both, happy and sad at the same time. One day I will be the one who is missed.

I understand Albert Einstein said time travel is possible. Not sure where we are on that possibility, but I hear we are trying to send people to Mars. Sometimes, when I sit and think of treasured times, and if I could, I would time travel back and do all the wonderful things I have done in life all over again. Wouldn’t that be terrific? Maybe yes, maybe no. Going back would not allow me to make new and great memories today and I think that is exactly what I am going to do today- make some new and great memories and have fun doing so. Hope you do too.

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