Micheal and His Limousine





This place in Vienna looks spectacular. What a view there must be off the side of this mountain ledge. This photo makes me think all the world is sunny and happy and majestic. There are so many breathtakingly beautiful places to visit or live. Many hold special places in people’s hearts. I have heard of Fiji, Hong Kong, Sidney, London, Paris, the Grand Canyon, and many, many more places on Earth. Sometimes it isn’t even a ‘wonder-of-the-world-type’ place that means so much to us, sometimes it’s just home with loved ones.

I think this planet is amazing. There is a place for everyone. Some like the mountains, some the ocean waters. Some like the farm life, some the big city. I have loved many places. I lived in the city when I was young and enjoyed the noise and hustle and bustle of the activities there. I also lived on a farm and when I sat on my front porch looking at my three acre front yard and watching the cars go by, I felt only God knew I was there. My brother loved the rivers in Florida and considered the Florida Keys home. As great as this Earth is, I believe heaven is lovely and great beyond imagination. My brother went to heaven. I know he dines with the King and is in Paradise. I think he has found the rivers in heaven too.

My friend Joyce had a son with cystic fibrosis. His name is Michael. Everyone prayed and prayed for Michael to be healed. Even in the midst of faith, his condition worsened. One night, in a lonely hospital room in Cleveland, Ohio, he and his mother shared his last moments. He was barely able to breath, but he sat up in bed, looked at her, and said, “Mom, Jesus is here for me in my limousine.” Young Michael always wanted to ride in a limousine. Jesus knew. With tears in her eyes, her little boy looked at her and said, “You have to let me go, Mom.” He was only twelve.

She knew, but it hurt. I know the ones that have gone before us are truly happy and would never want to return to this Earth, but the holes in our hearts are great and the tears we cry are real. Sometimes there is comfort in knowing they are waiting for us and one day we will all be together again. Sometimes it is comforting to know that There the streets are gold, there is no need for the light because Jesus is the Light, there are no more tears, no more struggles, no fear, no lack, no sickness, – it is Paradise.

Until the day we join those that have gone before us, we keep loving and caring and struggling and helping each other make it through every day.

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