An Otterhound, A Microchip and Going Home Again

Otterhound puppy

Recently I heard a darling story about an Otterhound pup. This is a breed of dog I never knew was a breed. I understand it is a rare English breed and there are only 6-800 dogs in existence. They are lovely and bred for scent abilities.

The breeders of this pup live in Florida and had a very long check list for potential new owners. When a single mother with children arrived to consider this little girl, the breeders had decided they did not want to sell  the pup to them until they noticed her one son with the pup.

The boy sat right next to the pup and said, “I am soooo thirsty, you must be thirsty too.” He proceeded to retrieve a bowl of water and let the pup drink first – then -without any apparent adult intervention –  he drank the remaining water from the bowl. The breeders were slightly stunned, but the sight of the boy with the pup was so heartwarming they allowed the mother to purchase the pup.

The family and pup relocated to Maine – of all places- at least it wasn’t Washington State.  When the mother found housing, she and her children settled in and the housing development told her she was not permitted to keep the dog. Instead of calling the breeder in Florida, she took the pup to a local shelter. Luckily, the employees scanned the pet and found the microchip identifying the breeders. When they were contacted, the breeders let the shelter know they would come to get the pup.

The gentleman I met shared how he traveled 2 1/2 days to Maine – in the Spring- through inclement weather – and finally arrived in almost the most north eastern part of the State. He was greeted by a very happy dog- a dog giving kisses, hugs, and jumping and spinning. The shelter was convinced this dog knew him.

The two of them headed back home to Florida. It was another 2 1/2 days of travel and the owner stayed in rest areas to sleep because the pet became so distressed if he tried to leave her in the car alone. Such a sacrifice- everyone is reunited and the pet is happy, cared for, and home.

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