I recently accepted employment at a private practice where I met Singe. At first I thought he was some fancy purebred cat – with small ears and different coloring around his eyes. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Singe is a mutt- a plain old alley cat. But he has a story.

Singe was a man of the streets. He had to hunt his own food, find shelter in the very hot, humid temperatures of Florida as well as the torrential rains that occur daily in the summer time. He had to hide from others who could hurt him with no one there to help with his medical needs or care about him in any way. All that was about to change.

During a localized fire in the brush of Florida, the responding firemen found a black and white cat under a bush. His little ears were burned and his facial hair singed. The pads of his paws were injured from the fire and he was frightened. The only home he knew in the forest was on fire and he didn’t know what to do.

The firemen knew what to do. They scooped him up and took him to the veterinary clinic he now calls his home. He was nursed to health by the veterinarians and technicians working there. They treated his burns and cared for him until he healed. Now, he no longer has to go farther the next room for a meal, everyone there loves him and meets all his physical and medical needs, massages him with special made tools to do so, and allows him to think he owns the place.

Singe bears all the scars that serve as reminders that there are wonderful and caring people in the world who take time to rescue little animals from danger so they can have a story to tell everyone. Singe is a testament to the spirit of survival and healing and the will and desire to live – even after it looked like everything was lost. His tragedy turned to triumph for this little overweight pampered cat called Singe.

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  1. I think we all get Singed as we go thru life, a little or sometimes a lot. If we’re lucky we have somebody to help us heal.

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