The Debate

How amazing would that be? To see the pets you've lost looking down and waiting for you :-):

If I could write another caption for this photo, it would read, “Where ya been?” -as our pets sit, waiting for us to come over to other side.

Do animals go to heaven? I do not profess to know the absolute answer to this question, but I have opinions and I think there is a heaven and think animals go there. I think I am not alone in my thinking.

In defense of my argument, I am a believer in the Bible and God put more animals on the Ark than He did people. Also, animals are indisputably some of His greatest creations. They have life and love with their whole hearts and being.

There are so many amazing creatures – the colorful birds, elephants, giraffes, zebras, horses, whales, manatees, sea turtles, and of course, our beloved cats and dogs. What would heaven (if you believe in heaven as I do) be like without them? They are here, why wouldn’t they be there?

I often share a story with my clients that goes something like this-  One day, while watching TV, a TV host shared a story of a little boy who seemed sad on his show. He asked the boy, “Why so sad.”

The little boy said, “My dog just died.”

The host said sympathetically, “Well, doesn’t it help to know he’s in heaven with God?”

The little boy looked up at him with a puzzled face and asked, “What would God want with a dead dog?”

We laugh. Apparently, the concept of life after this life for his dog apparently evaded this young man, but the question still remains, ‘do all dogs really go to heaven?’ My vote is  ‘yes.’ We will all find out one day.

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