Low Sugars and Fatty Livers

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It is important that  kitties and cats eat!
I have always known the two most frequent reasons for kitten loss. The first is a kitten becoming cold – because they are too young and small to maintain their body temperature. The second is low blood sugar in a kitten. This is a concern because kittens do not have large amounts of ‘fat’ in their bodes to break down to sugar and use as an energy source. Low body temperatures and low blood sugars are a serious concern to young kittens (and puppies as well).
While working at one veterinary clinic, I noticed a small black and white kitten in one of the cages. This little guy was underweight, had a dirty little face, and a runny little nose. Every day I visited his cage several times. Each time he would get up from reclining in his litter box and come to the front of the cage to greet me. He purred and rubbed against the cage begging for attention. Apparently he did not realize how pathetic he appeared. One day I decided to take him home. I named him Mozart after my favorite composer.
There’s always a story behind every name. Not only is Mozart my favorite composer, his music has saved my dyslexic brain. I read three books – Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, Superlearning, and The Mozart Effect. Not only is Mozart music the most tuneful I have come to love, all three books confirmed that Mozart music has a profound and positive effect on the brain. It helps with dyslexia, attention deficits, creativity and many other brain functions. It has helped me tremendously. My Mozart kitty has never composed a note, he  just makes me happy being who he is.
Soon after Mozart- the kitten-  came to live with me and my gang, I came home to find him down and out. He was cold and not responding well to me. I neglected to realize my apartment was not warm enough for Mo. It was fine for me and the others pets, but since he was so young and small- underweight as well- it was too cool for him. This happens  sometimes with air conditioned homes as well. I knew I had to act quickly. I wrapped him up in a blanket – papoose style-  and grabbed a bottle of maple syrup- the only sugar substance I had in my apartment. I took him to my car because it was warm there with the sun coming through the windows. I placed small amounts of the syrup on his gums and slowly he began to respond to me. (Additional sugar sources found in our homes are honey, karo syrup, molasses, KMR-kitten milk replacer- and others). I never left him home alone again until he was old enough to eat well and had gained weight.
Mozart continued to have nasal discharge though. I treated him with antibiotics and decongestants, however, there was no positive change in the discharge. The reason for the discharge is that he was infected with the respiratory virus rhinotracheitis prior to being vaccinated. I realize there are controversies over vaccinating cats, however, vaccines have proven to help minimize any damage to the sinuses if vaccinated before a cat or kitten is exposed to the virus like Mozart. I still love him, but he will always have nasal discharge. I always encourage my cat and kitten clients to vaccinate their youngsters to avoid the life long nasal discharge.
In addition to kittens needing to eat to avoid low blood sugar, adult cats need to eat to avoid fatty livers. When cats mature, their figure usually fills out to include some extra body fat. If a cat stops eating- for any reason- the fat in their bodies begins to break down and deposits in the liver. The condition of fat in the liver- hepatic lipidosis- is a serious condition in cats. If not treated and reversed, most cats affected are lost. I always make certain owners know their cats should eat regularly and if they stop eating, they need to see their veterinarian immediately for care.
It is important that kitties and cats eat!
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