Gone Fishin’

I have only fished a few times- and that was when I was a young girl. Recently, my brother-in-law, Rick, has asked me fish with him.  He was injured in a motorcycle accident 8 years ago, so he has taught me to put the leaders on, the hooks on, the bait on, the sinkers on, and tie the knots, cast, and open and throw the bail. He has educated me on test line- and needing large enough fishing line to keep the line from breaking if we caught something. I probably don’t know enough to do all these things, but how does one say no to a paralyzed man? When I went to the store to purchase items, it was helpful when the young men fished in salt water themselves. Lost is a word for me.

I often wondered how he could enjoy fishing. It seemed he was not able to do all the things necessary to fish. Nevertheless, we rigged a holder on his wheelchair to hold the rod after I cast the line into the ocean on the Daytona Beach pier we are on.  He is so happy to sit on the pier for hours waiting patiently for a nibble.

I realize it is the social interaction that happens on the pier when Rick fishes. He loves to be around others enjoying themselves and fishing is something he enjoys too. The sound of the water coming in is pleasant and the pelicans fly by continuously – they spend their mornings as master fishermen themselves. Rick has some limited ability to reel in a fish in the event we catch something. He and a friend told me they actually did catch a fish one day, however, I think I require proof of this.

The true fisher story of this tiny little striped fish on the line I am holding is that we fish for hours without catching anything. When someone fishing on the pier catches a fish, we ask if we can hold it and take a picture so we look like we caught the little thing.  Rick holds the pole, I hold the line, and we both pose for the picture.

It’s a great day at the beach.

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