Water Thirsty Animals

Gale Kovach's photo.

Gale Kovach to Terrie Sizemore Story Teller

Every spring I plant a little vegetable garden. Every year I get a little better at it. I learned how to safely keep the deer away and still maintain an organic garden. But we are always at the mercy of the weather. You see, Ohio weather can be brutal: snow in May, a soggy June, and now a dry, hot July. So I wait for the fruits of my labor, the cucumbers, the zucchini, the peppers and the most coveted prize, the tomatoes. Friends, the bright green tomatoes look great and with the hot weather it will be ripening them soon. I have a tradition to take the first red tomato and make the world’s best BLT. Unfortunately that might be a few days away. But I do have a small tomato plant with cherry tomatoes that were ready and I had a salad planned for dinner. I go out to pick those cherry tomatoes and I start seeing half eaten tomatoes all over the ground. Who could do such a thing? The next day, I ask someone at work why, all of a sudden, would the chipmunks start eating my tomatoes? And the answer was so obvious – they are thirsty.

The take away- water all the critters in our lives. It’s hot everywhere now!

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