4th of July! FIreworks

As a veterinarian, I have many clients share that their pets are frightened by fireworks. We are coming up on the holiday again! And, YES, fireworks.

My friends, Kathy and Harold, shared their story with me so I could share with you. They have had many dogs and have always known of the common issue of fear many dogs experience with the loud noise of fireworks.

They live in a Southwest suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, where their home sits in the direct path of the booming sounds and the flashing lights and the fizzles of fireworks. The entire light show can be seen from their living room.

So, when Sadie, their collie, was a puppy, they made it a point to help her with the noise and flashing lights of fireworks. They wisely sat with her during the entire fireworks display, pet her gently, and said, “Gooooood Sadie,” in soft soothing voices. As they gave her treats and made this a ‘happy’ and safe time, she became less and less fearful of the fireworks.

After many years, Sadie was able to sit in Kathy and Harold’s driveway as they all enjoyed the fun of the fireworks together. Their son commented on how calm she was during the display!

While this worked for Sadie, their neighbors chose to take their pet away during the fireworks. Since the neighbor was as close to the display as Kathy and Harold, he chose to avoid the event altogether because of the distress he noted in his dog. We are not sure where he takes his dog, but we know he is a thoughtful owner to the pet.

In addition, clients have told me thunder shirts have helped their pets endure fireworks as well as storm thunder and lightening. Others have chosen medications. However, you help, we hope it helps. Our pets need to know they are safe with us.

My little dog Fluffy just seems content to hide under the bed.

Share your secrets with us and all our readers, please!

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